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Aeroμtech cluster

A major industrial sector at the forefront of the 4.0 industrial revolution

The Burgundy Franche-Comté aerospace and defence cluster, launched a little over a year ago, already has more than thirty members. Having become a leading force, these companies, will be first-time exhibitors at the Zoom in 2018 under the name Aeroμtech.

“The aim of this cluster is to foster the right conditions for successful innovation projects, the development of sales activities, the creation of new companies in the region and the international visibility of local operators”, enthuses Thierry Bisiaux, president of both the Cluster and the Cryla Group, and a fervent supporter of this thriving partnership. “It is all about being included in a fertile network of companies that are recognised internationally for their expertise”.

The cluster is an organisation managed by a steering committee and supported by thematic working groups led by member companies. “This helps to endorse innovation projects in these areas, find funding and build strong ties between companies, research laboratories and training organisations”, says Malua de Carvalho, general representative of Aeroμtech. The ability to meet all the needs from A to Z of prime contractors in aerospace and defence is the key asset of these subcontractors, who have purposefully tailored their equipment and organisation.

A member of GIFAS

Fully immersed in the French aerospace industry, the member companies have greater visibility of the supply chain.
The cluster is the region’s preferred partner for the creation and management of major programmes in the sector, such as the Industrial Performance Programme, whose project manager is France’s aerospace industry association, GIFAS. Regional companies therefore benefit from the financial support of the region and the industry to participate in a programme. The aim of the programme is to help them achieve the industrial excellence needed to meet the challenges of the growing production of civil aircrafts that comes with the sharp increase in air traffic expected over the coming years.

Supported by Zodiac Aerospace

Involved in the working groups, the members attend networking meetings, market information days, trade fairs, international missions and conferences organised by the cluster with the strong support of Zodiac Aerospace - Besançon, by way of Cyril Magnin, production manager and vice-president of the cluster.

The Micronora trade fair is an excellent opportunity to showcase the dynamics and expertise of Burgundy Franche-Comté companies on the aerospace market.


Aeroμtech will organise a conference on 26 September, during which it will present the challenges of the future aerospace industry and the progress of the Industrial Performance Programme, in the presence of representatives of the GIFAS Aero SME committee.


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