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The nomenclature is divided into two sections:
  • microtechnology subcontracting
  • production technologies, trading and service providers

2018 Catalogue by sector

2022 catalogue online at a later stage

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know-how "; $nomen_moyens2="List of production equipment,
supplies and service providers"; $nomen_savoir_faire="Nomenclature of microtechnological know-how

"; $nomen_moyens="Nomenclature of production resources,
supplies and service providers

"; $nomen_savoir_faire2008="Nomenclature of microtechnological know-how
(sub-contractors)"; $nomen_moyens2008="Nomenclature of production resources,
supplies and service providers"; ?>
Machine tools and equipment

Conventional machine tools with stamping tools
2A0005 Turning and milling centres (22)
2A0010 Machining centres (with exchange of dies) (33)
2A0015 Numerically controlled milling machines (25)
2A0020 Knee and column milling machines (horizontal or vertical) (1)
2A0025 Copying milling machines (1)
2A0030 Tool milling machines (6)
2A0035 Tapping machines (5)
2A0040 PCB machining machines (2)
2A0045 Drilling machines (3)
2A0050 Sawing machines (5)
2A0055 Numerically controlled lathes (25)
2A0060 Turning lathes (11)
2A0065 Toolmaker's lathes (7)
2A0070 Parallel turning and threading lathes (6)
2A0075 Machining units (drilling, milling, trimming, sawing) (6)
2A0080 Gear hobbing machines (1)

Conventional abrasion machine tools
2B0005 Drill bit grinding machines
2B0010 Milling tool grinding machines
2B0015 Lathe tool grinding machines (1)
2B0020 Universal grinding machines (2)
2B0025 Abrasion polishing and deburring machines (vibration tumbling) (8)
2B0030 Abrasion polishing machines
2B0035 Numerically controlled grinding machines (11)
2B0040 Cylindrical grinding machines (inner and outer) (8)
2B0045 Surface grinding machines (9)
2B0050 Cylindrical lapping machines (2)

Non-conventional metal removing machines
2C0005 Laser-marking machines (20)
2C0010 Etching machining machines (13)
2C0015 Continuous laser machining machines (10)
2C0020 Pulse laser machining machines (9)
2C0025 Wire EDM machines (9)
2C0030 EDM machines with tool magazines (5)
2C0035 Die sinking EDM machines (6)
2C0040 High precision abrasive waterjet cutting machines (1)

Machine tools for sheet metal working
2D0005 Automatic sheet working lines (4)
2D0010 Shearing lines (automatic and numerically controlled shearing) (2)
2D0015 Punching lines (3)
2D0020 Sheet planishing machines (3)
2D0025 Slitting machines (1)
2D0030 Swaging machines
2D0035 Numerically controlled punching machines (1)
2D0040 High-speed presses (3)
2D0045 Arch frame or column type presses (2)
2D0050 Open-front presses (2)
2D0055 Drawing presses (hydraulic) (1)
2D0060 Drawing presses (mechanical) (3)
2D0065 Revolving table presses
2D0070 Wire and strip bending presses (1)
2D0075 Pneumatic and hydro-pneumatic presses (4)
2D0080 Transfer presses
2D0085 Punching units (2)

Machine tools for injection
2E0005 Plastic injection presses (1)
2E0010 Injection presses for metals under pressure (1)
2E0015 Thermocompression presses
2E0020 Low-pressure injection systems (2)

2E0105 Accessories for injection machines (2)

2E0205 3D printers (13)

2F0005 Special machines for automation and assembly (14)

2F0105 Flexible assembly cells (9)
2F0110 Wire-guided trucks (1)
2F0115 Conveyors (3)
2F0120 Gluing machines (7)
2F0125 Welding machines (8)
2F0130 Screwdriving machines (1)
2F0135 Assembly machines (9)
2F0140 Automatic assembly machines (17)
2F0145 Assembly micromachines (10)
2F0150 Industrial robots (27)
2F0155 Free transfers (1)
2F0160 Linear transfers (6)
2F0165 Rotary transfers (5)

2G0005 Measuring and inspecting machines, instruments and equipment (20)

2G0105 Optical alignment (6)
2G0110 Temperature measurement equipment (2)
2G0115 Dimensional metrology equipment (42)
2G0120 Electrical / electronic / magnetic metrology equipment (7)
2G0125 Testing systems (4)
2G0130 Dimension visualisation equipment (10)
2G0135 Three-dimensional measuring machines (23)
2G0140 Non-destructive testing machines and equipment (16)
2G0145 Profile projectors and optical measuring machines (27)

2H0005 Thermo-chemical treatment machines and equipment (ovens) (2)

Surface treatment machines
2I0005 Electrolysis baths (7)
2I0010 Cleaning machines (pickling, degreasing) (14)
2I0015 Plasma cleaning (8)
2I0020 Dust removal - antistatic (2)
2I0025 Ultrasonic cleaning (8)

Other equipment
2J0005 Soundproofing booths and equipment
2J0010 Air compressors (5)
2J0015 Equipment for workstation environment (7)
2J0020 Equipment for the environment and water treatment (9)
2J0025 Centrifuges for parts, chips, stamping liquid (4)
2J0030 Machines and materials for packing and packaging (4)
2J0035 Induction heating machine or equipment (3)

Trade and industrial supplies

Accessories for tools (stamping/moulding)
2K0005 Accessories for tools (stamping) (3)
2K0010 Accessories for tools (moulding) (1)

2K0105 Accessories for column type units: punches, dies etc. (5)
2K0110 Units with plain columns and plates (2)
2K0115 Standard components for moulds (1)
2K0120 Standard components for stamping/forming tools (5)
2K0125 SMED systems (1)
2K0130 Tool measuring and counting systems (1)
2K0135 Guiding systems for tools and moulds (1)
2K0140 Tapping units (1)
2K0145 Automatic insertion and/or crimping units
2K0150 Cylinders, springs (5)

Components and modules
2L0005 Micromechanical components and modules (4)

2L0105 Clamping units (7)
2L0110 Standard components (screws, pins etc.) (5)
2L0115 Counting systems (1)
2L0120 Special screwing systems (1)
2L0125 Guiding elements (9)
2L0130 Fasteners and Fastone (1)
2L0135 Programmers
2L0140 Springs (6)
2L0145 Bearings (8)

2L0205 Microelectronic components and modules

2L0305 Electronic actuators (2)
2L0310 Electronic sensors (4)
2L0315 Printed Circuits
2L0320 Electronic connectors (4)
2L0325 Brazing/soldering equipment (3)
2L0330 Micromotors
2L0335 Microswitches
2L0340 Monitors
2L0345 Electrical motors (9)
2L0350 Relays
2L0355 Electric sequencers

2L0405 Optical components and modules (4)

2L0505 Optical actuators (1)
2L0510 Optical displays
2L0515 Optical benches (3)
2L0520 Optical sensors, receivers, transmitters (4)
2L0525 Optical encoders (2)
2L0530 Optical fibres (4)
2L0535 Lasers (11)
2L0540 Lenses (6)

2L0605 Pneumatic and hydraulic components and modules (4)

2L0705 Actuators (1)
2L0710 Connectors unions (1)
2L0715 Valves (2)
2L0720 Filters (6)
2L0725 Motors
2L0730 Sequencers (1)
2L0735 Tubes and other accessories (2)
2L0740 Cylinders (2)

Equipment and tooling
2M0005 Machines accessories (6)

2M0105 Automatic feed systems, distributors for presses and shears (6)
2M0110 Vibration absorbers (2)
2M0115 Gas cleaning equipment / wet vacuums (7)
2M0120 Automatic loading and unloading arms (3)
2M0125 Automatic loaders, vibration systems (3)
2M0130 Decoilers for wires and strips (5)
2M0135 Single and multiple-spindle tapping systems (1)
2M0140 Feeding and ejection systems (1)
2M0145 Greasing and lubrication systems (8)
2M0150 Protective and safety systems
2M0155 Grinding systems (3)
2M0160 Volumetric metering systems (7)
2M0165 Winding, unwinding, straightening equipment (5)
2M0170 Numerical control equipment (6)
2M0175 Vices (5)
2M0180 Miscellaneous expansion mandrels (8)
2M0185 Machining assemblies and templates (4)
2M0190 Clamps (9)
2M0195 Pneumatic circular tables (1)
2M0200 Dividing tables, indexing tables (5)
2M0205 Icing plates
2M0210 Magnetic tables (2)
2M0215 Points (3)
2M0220 Tool holders (16)
2M0225 Remonte-copeaux et pièces magnétisables
2M0230 Boring, grinding, surfacing heads (8)
2M0235 Drawing and stamping transfer systems (1)
2M0240 Part sorting with bowl feeders (2)

2M0305 Cutting tools (14)

2M0405 Diamond files (5)
2M0410 Grinding instruments and abrasive bands (8)
2M0415 Boring tools (19)
2M0420 Threading tools (20)
2M0425 Milling tools (27)
2M0430 Drilling tools (26)
2M0435 Sawing tools (14)
2M0440 Trimming tools (16)
2M0445 Turning tools (22)
2M0450 High-speed machining tools (26)
2M0455 Plastic packaging for cutting tools or mechanical parts (2)

2M0505 EDM tools (2)

2M0605 Electrodes (for EDM) (7)
2M0610 Wires (for EDM) (6)
2M0615 Parts supports (for EDM) (4)
2M0620 Electrode holding systems (for EDM) (3)
2M0625 Parts transfer systems (for EDM) (2)

Robotics and automation peripherals
2M0705 Robot accessories (18)
2M0710 Accessories for industrial data processing (6)
2M0715 Driving and transfer modules (3)
2M0720 Computers, calculators and PLCs (8)

Materials and semi-worked products

2N0005 Industrial glues (10)
2N0010 Mouldings, castings, sinterings (5)
2N0015 Composite materials (3)
2N0020 Consumable materials (lubricants, stamping fluid, treatment chemicals etc.) (21)
2N0025 Low pressure plastics, bi-components
2N0030 Raw materials and semi-worked products for stamping and drawing applications (20)
2N0035 Raw materials and semi-worked products for plastics technology applications (5)
2N0040 Nanomaterials / nanopowders (4)
2N0045 Paints (1)
2N0050 Technical adhesives (5)
2N0055 Raw materials (27)
2N0060 Technical ceramics (1)

Services to industry

2P0005 Audit, Expertise, Consulting (27)
2P0010 Communication, marketing (4)
2P0015 Machine diagnostics - vibratory analyses (5)
2P0020 Banking and financial institutions (4)
2P0025 Training (39)
2P0030 Quality / Certification (2)
2P0035 Human Resources (employment, recruitment, coaching,...) (3)
2P0040 Strategy, Development, Organisation (11)

Miscellaneous organisations

2R0005 Public administration and authorities (5)
2R0010 Technology transfer centre (7)
2R0015 Engineering college (1)
2R0020 Business incubator (4)
2R0025 Continuing education institute (2)
2R0030 Research institute (1)
2R0035 Research laboratory (1)
2R0040 Technical high school
2R0045 Industry or consular organisation (9)
2R0050 Competitiveness cluster (5)
2R0055 Business and professional press (7)
2R0060 Business promotion (8)
2R0065 University


2S0005 Clothes / accessories clean room, and other (2)
2S0010 Furniture and industrial workstations (3)