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11th Micro-Nano Event

European brokerage event – 27 and 28 September

The Micro & Nano Event is returning to Micronora on 27 and 28 September 2018. For its 20th anniversary, the event has plenty of new additions to resonate with the exhibitors and encourage even more innovation.

Technology & Innovation in Europe

The Micro & Nano Event is organised by the Enterprise Europe Network department of the Burgundy Franche-Comté CCI in connection with the network of the same name under the European Commission, to support the European growth of high-potential companies through innovation and globalisation. Partnerships are the crux of its work, so it is only natural that it should be present at a high-precision and high-tech trade fair! Participants from different backgrounds and geographical areas can register on an online platform to post innovative offers and technological challenges or seek partners, whether exhibitors, visitors, SMEs, startups, large groups or research centres. In the weeks leading up to the event, they can therefore organise meetings with the most valuable contacts.

Location change

This year the event is located at the centre of the trade fair, between the general office and the conference room, which is better for the exhibitors as it converges more with other events like the Zoom, Micro & Nanotechnology conferences or the Competitiveness Cluster activities.

Spotlight on young innovative companies

This year, there will be a forum for young innovative European companies registered for the Micro & Nano Event to present their project to experts and professionals, in partnership with the Microtechnology cluster and Temis as part of French Tech Healthtech.

Building lasting partnerships

So many companies have created technological, business or research and development partnerships since the event was created. Each Micro & Nano Event generally has around 100 participants (mainly SMEs), generates between 200 and 300 relevant meetings and produces between 3 and 5 partnerships. It is also a chance for startups to confirm or rethink their technological choices and improve their business model. Some found their first customer at a Micro & Nano Event.
The event is already on the agenda of the European sectoral group Nano & Microtechnologies in which the Burgundy Franche-Comté CCI has a very active role.


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