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"Microns & Nano d'Or":
innovation rewarded

The Microns & Nano d’Or,
regarded by professionals
as the indisputable benchmark of innovation,
rewards microtechnological and nanotechnological innovations
that are show-cased at the fair for the first time.

Micron d'or

Six categories

  • Microtechnical components
  • Devices and sub-assemblies integrating microtechnical components
  • Microtechnology equipment on production or laboratory machines (plant equipment, tools, measuring/control instruments, etc.)
  • Production machines (machining, stamping, injection, 3D, etc.), assembly machines (automation, robotisation, etc.) and measurement/control machines for microtechnology products
  • Micro and nano-system demonstrators and prototypes reserved for laboratories, technical centres and design offices
  • Products integrating nanotechnology solutions
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