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    From R&D to subcontracting and production technology
    From micro to nanotechnology

    Leading trade fair in a niche sector, Micronora offers a very broad multi-technology range.

    All trades are represented

    Additive manufacturing / Assembly, Micro-assembly / Automation, Robotics / CAD-CAM / Engineering / Interconnection technologies / Injection, Overmoulding / Laser technology / Machining, Micromachining / Materials / Metrology, Measurement, Control / Microelectronic packaging / Micromanufacturing / Nanotechnology / Precision bar turning / Stamping, Fine blanking / Surface treatment / Tools… and associated machine tools with a common denominator :

    high-precision - miniaturisation and integration of complex functions.

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    An innovative technology trade fair for industrial companies, looking for increasingly smaller, more accurate, more intelligent solutions.

    All markets are involved, especially the aeronautics, luxury goods and medical sectors,
    plus automotive, defence, electromechanics, domestic appliances, equipment, data-processing, eyewear, microelectronics, nuclear, spatial, telecommunications etc.

    A win-win scenario

    Micronora is undeniably popular with principals.

    Nearly all sectors of application are increasingly on the lookout for innovative micro and nanotechnology solutions.

    Thanks to the transfer of solutions between different industrial sectors, microtechnology exhibitors can diversify and open up new markets.

    As microtechnology can be used in a vast number of applications, exhibitors can trade on its undeniable advantages to expand their businesses.

    Micronora continues to expand with every event and has built up a strong international standing as a niche sector trade fair par excellence.

    This trade fair will be the reference and efficiency value you seek for your company.

    To exhibit in 2020, click here

    MICRONORA - CS 62125 - 25052 Besançon Cedex - France
    Tél. : +33 (0)3 81 52 17 35 - Fax : +33 (0)3 81 41 30 89
    Email : contact@micronora.com - Web : https://www.micronora.com