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Nanotechnology only

Since 2006, Micronora has organised a nanotechnology pavilion
open to French and foreign industrialists and research centres
in the following fields.

  • equipment and processes for nanotechnologies
  • nano-instrumentation and nanometrology
  • nanomaterials and nanostructuring
  • nanomaterials / nanopowders
  • micro- and nanocomponents

Examples of exhibitors in previous events: Bruker nano surfaces, PI, Nanoe, Scientec, Fialab, Lovalite, Symétrie, Schaefer Techniques, Xpress Précision Engineering, Acxys Technologies, Arkema, Saint-Gobain, Alcatel-Adixen, etc….

Aware that nanotechnology is an emerging field, Micronora's organisers wanted to offer exhibitors a specific opportunity, tailored to the sector.

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