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French Tech

Medtech and biotech sectors fuelled by microtechnology

Originating from watchmaking, microtechnology expertise naturally found its way into highly technical markets such as aerospace, energy, photonics, etc., and particularly medical applications. The need for small, precise and intelligent technology when it comes to the human body is undeniable!

From optimised ultrasound tumour treatments to embedded microsystems for diagnosing infections, from intelligent transfusion systems to optical sensors for diagnosing skin cancer, and from new implantable valves to innovative treatments or a brand new brain-computer interface for patients who can no longer speak or use their limbs, startup companies—some of which have become strong SMEs or have been incorporated into a group—not only bring about scientific progress to benefit patients but also lay the building blocks for the medicine of the future.

The French Tech "Medtech Biotech" certification, promoted by Greater Besançon Council and the Burgundy Franche-Comté Microtechnology cluster, acknowledges the talents of these innovative startups and an innovation ecosystem conducive to their growth. More than 40 medical startups are now developing applications, networking with other startups specialising in complementary areas of the microtechnology and digital technology sectors.

At the Micronora trade fair, a dozen of these "French Tech" companies will together present the products and expertise they can offer the medtech and biotech sectors, and also Industry 4.0, with human-machine interfaces using digital technology, photonics and microtechnology.
The following companies will be present:
Amarob, Aurea Technology, Biomaneo, Flexio, IDC Medical, Iris Lab, Livdeo, Lymphobank, Miravas, Morphée +, Cisteo Medical and Shine Research.

This 72 sq.m collective area is organised with the support of the Micronora trade fair in partnership with the Village de l’Innovation by CA, the TEMIS technology park, the Microtechnology Competitiveness Cluster and its Innov'Health cluster.

Hall C - Stands 103 to 107/202 to 206


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