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    Micronora is highly specialised in the precision and miniaturisation sectors and is the only trade fair in France to offer such an exceptional array of innovative technologies.

    The fair is targeted at all cutting-edge sectors looking for increasingly smaller, more accurate, more intelligent solutions.

    Over 25,000 m² of exhibition space, the exhibitors, 35% of whom are from overseas, display their varied, high-quality innovations - from R&D to sub-contracting and production technologies.

    Multiple activities...

    Additive manufacturing / Assembly, Micro-assembly / Automation, Robotics / CAD-CAM / Engineering / Interconnection technologies / Injection, Overmoulding / Laser technology / Machining, Micromachining / Materials / Metrology, Measurement, Control / Microelectronic packaging / Micromanufacturing / Nanotechnology / Precision bar turning / Stamping, Fine blanking / Surface treatment / Tools… and associated machine tools.

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    ... for markets with high technological value

    Passionate about innovation, the microtechnology industries have redoubled their efforts to offer products that did not exist a few years ago, continually perfecting those that have already stood the test of time. This approach has opened up new markets.

    All markets are involved, especially the aeronautics, luxury goods and medical sectors,
    plus automotive, defence, electromechanics, domestic appliances, equipment, data-processing, eyewear, microelectronics, nuclear, spatial, telecommunications etc.

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    MICRONORA - CS 62125 - 25052 Besançon Cedex - France
    Tél. : +33 (0)3 81 52 17 35 - Fax : +33 (0)3 81 41 30 89
    Email : contact@micronora.com - Web : https://www.micronora.com