Based on Micronora’s archives, we have designed an exhibition that traces the history of the association and the fair through the watchmaking and microengineering histories.

1949 – 2024 … vers 2050

This exhibition reaffirms the show’s DNA. The aim is to showcase the show’s dynamic past and future development, and to make it part of the economy of contemporary transitions, whether sociological, technological or environmental. Micronora is positioned as a meeting place for designers, producers and users of microengineering and microtechnology. The association also wishes to play an active role in transmission: passing on the passion for microengineering, microtechnology, innovation and scientific and technological excellence.
Micronora has developed from a dual base: watchmaking expertise and a region: Besançon and Franche-Comté.

Watchmaking know-how has contributed to the development of a whole network of skills where the limits of miniaturization are constantly being pushed back. Industrialists have had to diversify, and have been able to do so, to produce parts, components and assemblies used in all cutting-edge sectors of the economy: aeronautics, healthcare, automotive… and luxury goods.
The exhibition will initially be aimed at exhibitors and visitors to Micronora 2024. It will be designed to be “itinerant”. The aim will be to demonstrate the importance of combining know-how, which is part of humanity’s intangible cultural heritage, with the capacity for innovation; the resilience of a core group of industrial players to create the conditions for synergy; the evolution of know-how and skills towards the technologies of the future, which will enable us to meet the challenges of the transitions underway at the start of the 21st century… to pass on our passion, and to inspire young people to take up careers in the industry. The exhibition will chronologically retrace the history of the trade fair and the association that became Micronora in 1969. It will highlight:

Key periods: sociological, cultural, technological… and the life of the fair
The personalities behind the show’s birth and development
Exemplary achievements that laid the foundations for today’s Micronora
Watchmaking and microengineering & microtechnology production; technical and technological breakthroughs
The development of technologies, know-how and trades
What has been done and presented, and which has very often been a precursor or harbinger of innovation (Zoom)
A look into the future

After a year on the road, in 2025 and early 2026, the exhibition will return to Micronora 2026 in an expanded version and could be the subject of a book.
Contacts :
Micronora: Fanny Chauvin, Micronora’s Director – 03 81 52 17 35 – – Organization Exhibition: Sungramma “