Micronora is the perfect place
to find what you need

You are a professional in the industrial sector and you want to:

  • Discover new creations and expertise

  • Find new contacts

  • Stay abreast of technological developments

  • Build and develop partnerships

  • Have access to innovative solutions on an international scale

  • Meet your suppliers

Niche sector trade fair par excellence

Micronora is a highly targeted trade fair focusing on high precision, miniaturisation and complex function integration, all key to creating more intelligent products. It is the world’s leading exhibition, offering the most exceptional range of innovative technologies in the field of microtechnology and precision.

Thanks to the transfer of solutions between different industrial sectors, micro and nanotechnologies can be applied in all cutting-edge sectors looking for smaller, more accurate, more intelligent solutions.

Throughout 25,000 sq. m of exhibition space, the exhibitors, 33% of whom are from abroad, display their varied, high-quality innovations: from R&D to sub-contracting and production technologies.

You will find the following activities at the trade fair:

(stamping, bar-turning, machining, tooling, microelectronics, etc.)

  • Precision mechanical engineering
  • Stamping, cutting, forming, tools and dies
  • Injection, overmoulding, tools
  • Machining, micromachining, bar turning
  • Additive manufacturing
  • Treatment and post-treatment
  • Packaging, microconnectors, interfacing, assembly, printed circuits
  • Smart dedicated electronic and opto-electronic circuits
  • Circuit prototyping
  • Microactuators, microsensors, microdisplays
  • Robotics and Automation (designing & manufacturing)
  • Engineering office
  • Engineering, research and transfer of microtechnology
  • Metrology, measurement, control
  • Industrial services (materials testing, mechanical testing, software…)
  • Nanotechnology

PRODUCTION TECHNOLOGIES (construction, sale of machines),

  • Machine and equipment
  • Trade and industrial supplies
  • Materials and semi-worked products
  • Services to industry
  • Organisations, miscellaneous
All markets are involved :

Passionate about innovation, the microtechnology industries have redoubled their efforts to offer products that did not exist a few years ago, continually perfecting those that have already stood the test of time. This approach has opened up new markets.