Covering 300 sq. m at the heart of the trade fair, the Zoom event will be attended by industrial companies and research centres exhibiting their avant-garde technologies.

ZOOM 2022
“New microtechnology materials and processes”

The MICRONORA Zoom is an event designed to promote microtechnology innovations and help manufacturers identify new technology trends.

The theme in 2022 focuses on less prominent materials that actually offer huge benefits when it comes to creating new products. These materials have many uses in a wide range of sectors, such as watchmaking, luxury goods, medicine, mobility and so on.

They also bring greater efficiency in terms of resistance, weight or hardness. The Zoom will focus more specifically on amorphous metal alloys, cermets, carbides and ceramics.

Some are unique in that they come in powder form, which is useful for 3D printing and all this has to offer. Examples will be presented, showcasing new processes such as metal additive manufacturing, microfactories or even ultrasonic machining.

A few examples from previous fairs:

  • 2018: zoom industry 4.0: digital technology in microtechnology with a functioning Autonomous Production Unit
  • 2016: zoom on technology transfers
  • 2014: micromechatronics zoom with CARMAT, SORIN, INTUITIVE SURGICAL, DESKTOP FACTORY, I-ROBOT and more
  • 2012: laser zoom: technologies and industrial applications
  • 2010: microtechnology cluster zoom: more accurate, smaller, smarter
  • 2008: metrology zoom: improving controls to boost sales!
  • 2006: nanotechnology zoom with ARKEMA, SAINT GOBAIN, ALCATEL and more
  • 2004: microelectronics and micromechanics zoom: two inseparable technologies with STMicroelectronics, ALCATEL and more
  • 2002: medical zoom with BIOMERIEUX, ELA MEDICAL, SIEMENS, etc.
  • 2000: aeronautics and space industry zoom with EADS, CNES, SNECMA, etc.