The Lab’mobile PUXI is a truck designed to enable visitors to discover the plastics processing industry thanks to its digital device. It can also be used to train future players using the machines on board.

Designed as a “deployable semi-trailer”, its lateral extensions give it a floor area of around 70 sqm.

Totally self-sufficient in energy thanks to its generator, Puxi 1 can be transformed into a real workshop in less than an hour.

Lab’mobile features several machines:

  • An ARBURG 35-ton hybrid injection molding machine
  • A 50-ton electric BILLION injection press
  • A MATEX VARESE extrusion line
  • Grinder + thermoregulator
  • RAISE 3D printer

Puxi, a digital experience

Puxi is also the name of an innovative, interactive and fun digital experience inside Lab’Mobile, offering a new way to discover the world of plastics and composites.

Using touch screens and tablets, visitors are immersed in the heart of the plastics industry:

  • Digitisation of industrial processes: discover what goes on inside the machines!
  • Simulation of the creation of a pair of 3D-printed glasses.
  • Injection of the Puxi mascot using 3D simulation, with the possibility of varying parameters.
  • Videos presenting eco-design, sustainable development, etc.
  • Careers and training quizzes to help you find your way around the world.